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Andeli Group Co.,Ltd,founded in 1985 , is located in the largest manufacturing base of low and high voltage electric equipment of Liushi China, which is called "the Electric Device Metropolis of China".
Andeli Group Co., Ltd is a leading group in the electrical indutry, with production, scientific research, transport, import and export trade, investment. We are a big group without regional limited, cross-industrial in China. Andeli owns 12 share holding companies in Shanghai, Hunan, Zhejiang, UAE and over 300 cooperating companies. Andeli has over 3000 workers with total assets of USD150,000,000 in 235,000 square meters. “ANDELI” trademark is identified as one of the Chinese well-know trademarks...


Established in 1985,Andeli Group Co., Ltd.

Andeli's high and low voltage electrical appliances, power transformers, instrumentation, welding equipment, wires and cables and other products are at the forefront level in the world Andeli it has been committed to innovation, and has continued to develop new and intelligent electrical products with independent intellectual property rights.



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Wenzhou LeadingEnterprises, Yueqing Top Ten Yandang Cup Enterprises and Yueqing Top 10 Foreign Trade Export Enterprises.

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